WhatsApp and NASSCOM collaborate to teach about fake news

WhatsApp and NASSCOM have collaborated to impart a training session on digital literacy to make people aware about fake news on social media.

In a bid to control the flow of fake news during the general elections, WhatsApp and NASSCOM Foundation on Monday, March 18, 2019, came together to provide digital literacy training. As a part of the partnership, WhatsApp and NASSCOM Foundation will train nearly one lakh Indians to spot false information and provide tips and tricks to stay safe on WhatsApp.

The co-created curriculum, which includes real-world anecdote tools that can be used to verify a forwarded message and actions that users can take, for instance reporting problematic content to fact checkers. The other law enforcement agencies will disseminate the important takeaways in multiple regional languages.

About the collaboration to stop spreading fake news on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Head of India Abhijit Bose said in a statement that they are excited to expand their partnerships with civil society to advance crucial digital literacy skills that can help combat misinformation share on WhatsApp.

“This training educates people throughout India to be alert and aware of the messages they receive and to verify the facts before forwarding,” he added.

About the training on identifying fake news

The training will be imparted by volunteers from NASSCOM Foundation who will launch the “each one teach three” campaign that mandates every volunteer to share their learnings with three more people leading to a network effect.

These volunteers will post their takeaways from the workshops on their social media handles to increase the reach of these safety messages.

The first training will be held on March 27, 2019, in Delhi and will be followed by more planned interventions like hosting training workshops for representatives from rural and urban areas along with road shows across numerous colleges.

NASSCOM Foundation CEO Ashok Pamidisaid that the use of technology platforms like WhatsApp are inherently meant to foster social good, harmony, and collaboration, but are sadly being used by a small number of criminals to attract anger and hatred by spreading false and doctored information.

“I would like to urge all the connected citizens who want to join this fight against the spread of fake information, to come and help volunteer towards the cause,” Pamidi added.

How to register:

Aspiring volunteers can register at the website –mykartavya.nasscomfoundation.org

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