Virtual Reality

In fast moving world the technologies are growing its effect will be applying to education also like Virtual Reality, for example in past we have learned about the volcano on a blackboard but children need to know how it happens and the best way is through visual representation. New trend of learning came into education teachers and children are sitting through classes with headsets, hand controllers and earphones. This could just be the first chapter in how education will look like in the near feature. VR can help children learn better and provide an enjoyable visual learning experience. The visual medium is strongest form of learning to all. Especially for slow learners, hyperactive kids. Children’s can fully concentrate better when visuals and sounds they do not distract with something. This is useful to understand the concept easily.
The content will be uploaded by teachers only; teachers will be an important part of facilitating the experience. To be mentioned technology will not be misused. The content will be a time of 10 to 15mins. And the fully control will be given to teachers only

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