UN launches AI chat bot with Facebook where you can help battle climate change

Nowadays the climate changing rapidly therefore the UN launches AI chat bot with Facebook where you can help people about climate change. At COP24, UN’s ongoing Climate Change Conference in Poland, David Attenborough urged the public to use UN’s new AI chat bot with Facebook Messenger, that allows YOU to take action to save the environment.
The greatest threat in thousands of years is the climate change. The world is facing a man-made disaster and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon, renowned broadcaster Sir David Attenborough said on the launch of UN’s new campaign, ActNow.bot.
ActNow.bot is designed with artificial intelligence to give people the power and knowledge to take personal action against climate change directly on the Facebook Messenger Platform.
The UN provides a unique platform that can unite the whole world. And as the Paris agreement proved, together “we can make real change happen”, asserted Attenborough.
The innovative UN campaign was created with the support of Facebook and advertising company Grey and harnesses advances in artificial intelligence to engage people in the growing movement to take climate action.

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