The commercial lesson possible in the art department

Globalization education has changed the nature of the field. New branches opened in each section. Previously the Bachelor of Arts (BA) was a condition where they were not familiar with the commerce department.

The art departments of commerce, such as e-commerce education are now getting the opportunity. Among them BA in business economics stands first. Here’s some information about this course and career.

Importantly, the topics related to the commercial division are preferred here. The classroom will take place in semester. The first semester will be taught on topics such as Economics of Money and Banking, Managerial Economics, Economics of Firm (Organization) Strategy.

In the second semester, Basic Financial Accounting is being taught, with the third semester entrepreneurship development, industry analysis statistics and educational formulas being taught to students.

The fourth part of the semester is a continuation of entrepreneurship development, the more advanced aspects of the market, the fifth semester, the small economy, the finance, the international economy, the Indian economy and economic reforms, the knowledge of human resource development. In the last sixth semester, the topics of the above topics are taught about the financial market as well.

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