Schools in Ghaziabad to adopt ‘Chhota Internet’ to digitally provide quality education without the use of internet.

Access to the internet can improve the quality of education. Despite multiple efforts, many students in schools in rural areas are deprived of the knowledge and opportunity provided through internet due to unavailability and lack of access to internet in the rural areas.
Given that the majority of India’s population lives in rural and semi-urban areas, it only makes sense if the infusion of technology in education is done on a larger scale, and at the grass-root level, without dependency on the internet to achieve similar results, which internet would provide.
The Internet has helped us in many ways from education to entertainment. But what about areas that cannot connect to the internet? Meet Chhota Internet a Content Access Management Device (CAMD) that can help make education accessible to all. In a district of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, 197 upper primary schools will adopt Chhota Internet to increase learning opportunities for their students.
Bringing the unique technology offering of Chhota Internet to these schools will open doorways to information, knowledge and allow access to increased learning opportunities beyond the classroom digitally, and help promote the Digital India Initiative of the Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.
The implementation of Chhota Internet will help the children get access to buffer-free focused education content. It will also help to deliver quality educational material digitally, over a Wi-Fi network without the need of the internet, in a responsible manner. It will also allow the school authorities to monitor the progress of students individually, the results of which can then be used to develop programs that address learning gaps.
While the efforts of the government steer education in rural India towards greater heights, there is a need to build-in efficiencies through innovative technology in the school and classroom environment to secure the future of children.

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