How to make kids aware about Robotics, the new-age engineering field booming with future jobs

Now days robotics are increasing children’s attracting towards it. Kids have always been pretty damn smart and intuitive. They see things that we adults sometimes have trouble comprehending. They cut straight to the chase. So, it comes as no surprise that they would become interested in something which is no frills, apolitical and completely hands-on — the Maker culture.

Maker culture embraces do-it-yourself tinkering with electronics and physical objects, emphasizing on trying out practical skills.

Children are encouraged to learn and start making. It can be anything from coding to learning how to animate videos to sewing or simply making a good ol’ robot. The sky’s the limit!

The magic of robots

Which kid doesn’t like robots? There’s something inherently magical and human about robots which captures anyone’s imagination. At Avishkaar, this has been our driving force — to spread the magic of robots far and wide.

It opens a whole new world to explore where your children can experiment with robotics and understand how things work, helping them learn and develop skills like problem-solving, logic building and creativity.

And you know what the best part is? The kids get so engrossed they start learning new things effortlessly. It’s a fun way for them to learn how to plan and build projects when they’re at their precocious best.

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