EdTech can bring revolutionary change in India

Education is important for humans now we can see how technologies are changing the education system no here how ED tech can bring revolutionary change is India. Education Technology, familiarly referred to as EdTech or Edu-Tech, carries the potential of bringing revolutionary change in how far, how deep, and how well the education is disseminated across the globe.
While one may argue that there is already great influence of technology on imparting education, the fact is that these are early, early times! Particularly in geography as dispersed and disparate as India, EdTech is a utile tool for taking quality education to every nook and corner.
Learning through collaborative tools, the world has seen how seamlessly technology can be used for collaborating for socialising or for leisure. The times ahead will see tools designed and deployed particularly for collaborating in the educational context. Such tools will bring the intra-class and inter-class students closer for learning from one another in interesting, fun ways.

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