Automated waking stick and self-help shoes for blind school students

Students from this Guru gram school designed an automated walking stick and self-help shoes for blind school students.
In a skull at guru gram students learn how to use their skills to solve social issues from a young age design challenges are part of the syllabus!
At a time when most Indian schools follow the rote-learning route and ascribe more intelligence or value to a student who gets more marks in an exam, this Guru gram-based school has an innovative learning practice that pushes its students to solve real-world problems using the skills they have.
This year, the students created a few incredible devices for visually impaired students of a blind school that could transform their lives.
This process ensures that along with informational content, students are given an opportunity to convert the content knowledge learned at school into actionable outcomes which can help the world. For example, in a biology class, students were asked to create digital solutions for problems of wellness for their parents.
If learn students learn lessons in practical manner they can understand quickly.

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