Actress Priyamani will help raise money for girls’ education

Every year 2 crore 30 lakh girls are out of school after being admitted to adulthood. This is because of lack of healthy hygiene facilities at school. This is why Marathon has a lot of awareness about this, which Priyamani has joined hands with.

Multilingual actress Priyamani has decided to raise money for girls’ education and hygiene. The Priyamani Marathon, who is in support of this background NGO, will be involved.

The TCS World 10K Marathon, hosted by the NGO, Habitat for Humanity India, will be held on May 19 in Bengaluru. Actress Priyamani, who is also part of this, will be involved in “Stay at School” movement on safe hygiene and female menstrual hygiene.

Priyamani has made this decision because of the lack of toilets and the lack of knowledge about menstrual hygiene, the number of girls out of school is increasing. The actress, who reported in the affair, said, “It is her duty and responsibility to focus on this issue as a concerned citizen and woman. So I’m stepping in to help girls stay in school by joining the marathon, “

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